Another Update (Finally)

Hello everyone!

Well it's been a while hasn't it? I hope everyone is doing well during these times, and everyone is safe.

First I'd like to say that yes, we are still working on the game, but things have slowed down significantly, mainly due to COVID-19.

This post is mainly to notify you that we are trying our best with updating the game, and to show you the small updates we have with this post.

What's New?

  • Map Layout - Changed the layout of the map, and structured the room encounters. Still random but now in a controlled manner.
  • Map Visuals - Added some assets to the map giving it more of a 3D-like feel from the map view.
  • Player traversal - Improved the traversal on the map. Fog implemented and players can re-trace their steps.
  • Auto-Dice Attack - After rolling all the dice, the attack will be applied automatically rather than ending turn.
  • Targeting - The player now has to select the enemy they wish to attack/apply cards to.

What Are We Working On?

  • Bosses - We are still finalising the mechanics on the boss enemies and hopefully will implement them soon.
  • Combat - At the moment combat is still a little buggy and we are working on improving the efficiency and fluidity of combat.

Final Note:

I would like to say that we really appreciate your patience and we hope that you are looking forward to the release of our game!

Once again, I hope everyone is safe and if you have any questions please comment here or tweet at @Dice_Dynasty

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